Staff in iron

The Stock im Eisen (German: staff in iron) is the midsection of a tree-trunk from the Middle Ages, a so-called nail-tree (Nagelbaum), into which hundreds of nails have been pounded for good luck over centuries. It is located at Stock-im-Eisen-Platz, now part of Stephansplatz, at the corner of the Graben and Kärntner Straße and is now behind glass on a corner of the Palais Equitable.

Take a closer look at The Palais Equitable, which was built on the site in 1891,  the building has Zum Stock-im-Eisen (At the Stock im Eisen) carved above the door and a bronze sculpture group of locksmith apprentices and the tree trunk.                              In addition there are a pair of representations of the legend by the same artist on the doors. If the door is open walk inside and you can see a beautiful Palast where rich people lived once, the only new construction is the elevator inside – beautiful also the patio inside.


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