What’s so special about Vienna ?

One of the advantages of Vienna over International cities such as, say, Berlin, Paris, London, Prague, Budapest, Barcelona, Rom, Rio de Janeiro and others is that the majority of the sites a visitor is likely to want to see is within fairly comfortable walking distance.

It has the oldest ferris wheel in the world – 1897 – just to understand it was not the first one build, this honor goes to the former Ferris wheel in Chigago buld 1893

It has the oldest Zoo in the world – Schönbrunn Zoo – 1752

Viktor E. Frankl was the founder of the Logotheraphy born in Vienna – 1905

Alfred Adler, born in Vienna 1870 (Psychotherapist – founder Individual Psychology)

Josef Strauss,born in Vienna 1827 (Waltz)

Franz Schubert, born in Vienna 1797 (Ave Maria)

Arnold Schoenberg, born in Vienna 1874 (Twolf-tone method)

Gustav Klimt, born Vienna 1862 (Painter, the kiss)

Falco, was born in Vienna 1957 (pop singer – Rock me Amadeus)

Fritz Lang, born in Vienna 1890 (Film Director – Metropolis)

Niki Lauda, born in Vienna 1949 (3 times Formula 1 champion)

Christopher Waltz born in Vienna 1956 (Actor – Django unchained – Oscar award)

Joe Zawinul, born in Vienna 1932 (Jazz Composer – creator Jazz fusion – first musician to use electro piano on stage)

Stefan Zweig, born in Vienna 1881 (Novelist, journalist, play writer)

Romy Schneider, born in Vienna (Actress – Sissi’s movie)


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