Haydn and Mozart

At Maria Theresien Platz you see the great sculpture of the Impress Maria Theresia, she is the one that had 16 children and was the mother of Marie Antoinette (now you know Marie Antoinette was not really french) if facing the sculpture from the front, move a little to the right and you see Gerhard van Swieten, Maria Theresa’s personal doctor, but also a key figure in the “modernisation” of medicine and medical teaching in 18th-century Vienna.

Right behind him on the relief, is Joseph Haydn, great composer, Haydn’s hand rests on the shoulder of a young child this is Mozart. The two were friends, joined in mutual respect, despite the age difference (Haydn was around 24 years older). It was Mozart, of course, who delighted the Empress as a child with a performance in Schönbrunn Palace.

The other figures on the sculpture group are:

Joseph Hilarius von Eckhel (Enzesfeld 1737 – Wien 1798), Austrian Jesuit priest and numismatist.
György Pray (Neuhäsel 1723 – Pest 1801), Hungarian Jesuit Abbot, canon, librarian of the University library of Buda and important historian.
Christoph Willibald Ritter von Gluck (Erasbach bei Berching 1714 – Wien 1787), Austrian composer of Italian and French opera


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